My Happy Marriage Anime: Story, Characters, Full Review

My Happy Marriage” is a highly anticipated romance anime series that promises a captivating and intricate storyline. Let’s explore why this plot is so compelling and intriguing.

My Happy Marriage Plot

TV Show Details
Release Date 05/07/2023
Total Episodes 12
Where to Watch Netflix
IMDB 7.9

In the world of animes, you will find plots full of supernatural elements but ‘My Happy Marriage’ is a unique anime. It is full of emotions and family trauma. It also shows some supernatural abilities but they are very low in comparison to other anime. It will give you an unique taste than the previous animes you have watched.

The story of ‘My Happy Marriage‘ anime is almost apparent from its title. This anime, it is shows how the main character Miyo Saimori’s life changes from misery to contentment. Misery before marriage and contentment after marriage.

Let’s delve into the summary of ‘My Happy Marriage’.

The anime revolves around a female protagonist named Miyo Saimori. After the death of Miyo’s mother, her father remarries and brings a stepmother for Miyo. After some time Miyo’s life is shared by her stepsister named Kaya Saimori.

Miyo is treated very badly by her stepmother. The reason why Miyo’s father hates her is because Miyo possesses no supernatural ability (explained more towards the end) and her mother treats her harshly because she doesn’t want Miyo to be beautiful and prestigious in society as she is not from her womb. she even breaks her mother’s last gift, a comb, and shuts her in a dark room. Miyo is also given a lot of kitchen chores to do and she is treated like a servant. Her father says nothing in this and he even shows much affection towards Kaya. This leads to a miserable life of Miyo.

Miyo is treated nicely by a boy named Koji Tatsuishi and he further says he will always be there for Miyo. This brings a bit of joy to Miyo’s life. The bond between both grew stronger and they decided to marry. To ask for Miyo’s hand, Koji makes it to her father but her father denies his proposal for Miyo and says that he will marry Kaya, not Miyo. Both Miyo and Koji feel dejected upon hearing this ultimate statement. Miyo is told that she will have to marry a general named Kiyoka Kidou, who is famous for his Fierce and strict nature. This makes Miyo’s life more dejected.

Upon reaching Kiyoka’s house, she is welcomed by a servant and Kiyoka. Miyo bows her head down as usual but Kiyoka instantly stops her and says “you are my wife and there is no need to do this”. Miyo was shocked upon hearing this as it was unexpected to her.

Once Miyo prepares breakfast for her husband, Kiyoka, however, he asks Miyo to eat it just to check if it is not poisonous. Upon hearing this, Miyo was grieved because all her hard work to prepare that breakfast had gone in vain. Miyo denies eating breakfast and Kiyoko goes without eating it. During the entire day, Kiyoku is completely into the thoughts of Miyo and his behavior towards her.

On reaching home from duty, Kiyoku apologizes to Miyo for his behavior. Miyo’s eyes were full of tears as she was always the one to say apology to others.
The other day kiyoku compliments Miyo’s prepared food and it brought a lot of happiness in Miyo. Both grew close to each other and lived a very happy life.

Conclusion of My Happy Married anime

Earlier in the anime it was shown that Miyo doesn’t possess any supernatural ability, however, towards the end of the anime, it is shown that Miyo does possess a supernatural ability, that too one of the unique abilities in this anime. Her supernatural ability is named as Sight-Dream. Sight-Dream allows its users to manipulate the dreams of others. It also allows them to see their past and future in their dreams, however, a user should be capable of pulling it out.

This ability of Miyo was suppressed by her mom to save her from her stepmom. With the help of Kiyoko, her ability was unsealed. This evokes a lot of confidence in Miyo and let her acknowledge her true self.

My Happy Marriage Anime Analysis

‘My Happy Marriage’ puts light on the oppression done by step-parents on their stepchildren. It also shows that how a real Heir of property is compelled to live an unworthy life. Such things are almost found in our day-to-day life.

A man like Kiyoku represents the general men of the world as men are considered strict and fierce. However no one knows the real truth about men as they too have emotion and care about others, it is just they are not too capable of expressing it. They show it when needed the most.

FAQ My Happy Marriage Anime

Will there be season 2 of My Happy Marriage’?

Yes, as the power of Miyo is yet to be revealed

Is Kiyoku cruel and ugly?

No, Kiyoku is very handsome and generous towards his Wife and loved one’s.

Who is the sister of Miyo?

Kaya is the stepsister of Miyo

Does Miyo possess any supernatural ability?

Yes, Miyo possesses one of the most rare ability known as Dream-sight, which is revealed towards the end of season 1.

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