Onimusha Anime Review, Release Date, Plot, and More

Rarely one gets a chance to get back in his childhood and Onimusha anime has brought that chance into the lives of many people

Onimusha is the adaptation of a Game into an anime. The characters in the animes are not as animated as in other animes, they are designed in such a way, that they look like characters of a game rather than an anime. However, the plot of the anime is very interesting and this anime is going to be a huge success.

Onimusha Anime Information

Release Date 02/11/2023
Total Episodes 8
IMDB Rating 8.1
Where to Watch Netflix

Plot of Onimusha Anime

Onimusha begins with a man who is surrounded by eleven skilled men. They fight the man and the man emerges as triumphant. His name is Miyamoto Musashi, a famous swordsman, who never has lost a single fight in infinite duels. He even defeated three Yoshioka brothers which ahead, gave him tremendous fame.

It is revealed that Musashi has fought the eleven for a challenge to procure a certain box. He gets the box as promised for thirty-three days. To ensure the respect of the deadline, a disciple named Kaizen is sent with him, so to bring back the box after the given time.

The box contains some oni gauntlet which would give Musashi tremendous supernatural power. Musashi joins a group of people for a mission. The Mission is to defeat a rebel scout named Lemon.

With the help of Genma’s evil power ( Genma once had wiped out the Oni box), Lemon was able to kidnap an entire village and keep them at work in a gold mine. To ensure the availability of weapons to fight his enemies, Lemon was the only one to have access to the mine.

On his hunt, Musashi has the company of a skilled swordsman named Matsuki Kensuke. They also had the company of Lemon’s discipline named Gensai. Gensai would give them knowledge about Lemon’s fight tactics.

Upon reaching the mine, Musashi was shocked to see three Yoshioka brothers as he had already killed them in the past, however, they were reanimated by Lemon with the help of Genma’s power. Musashi defeats them once again but in the battle, Kaizen gets killed. Before Kaizen dies, he hands over his responsibility of the box to another monk named Sahei.

Sahei saves the girl named Sayo. Sayo was the sole survivor of the Village which was previously attacked by Lemon. In the past, Sayo once had found gold in a mine, to get that piece of gold, a riot took place among the villagers. The Lemon was sent there to solve the problem, he however fell for greed and became a rebel and took over the mine. Amidst that, Lemon killed many villagers and manh became his slave. Sayo was the only survivor. This is how Lemon became a rogue.

Lemon planned to create a fierce army to save Japan from upcoming troubles. Lemon created another demon named Sasaki to fight Musashi. Sasaki was also killed by Musashi, to take revenge against Musashi, Sasaki ist cuts the limbs of Lemon to fight Musashi without any order or hindrance.

Musashi uses his box and becomes an Onimusha, Onimusha referred to as a powerful beast to fight demons. Onimusha can seldom lose his consciousness and can attack his people. Musashi kills Sasaki but he still is in the form of Onimusha. Sayo somehow manages to turn Musashi back into a normal human.


Musashi gets victory and Sahei brings back the box to temple. However the box had more weight now due to the sprits of Genma killed by Musashi.

Analysis and Review

Onimusha anime brings back the nostalgic memories of many people around the world. The anime is the adaptation of an old game. It also focuses on supernatural elements which bring a lot of thrill to viewers.

Onimusha shows how a cold-blooded samurai like Musashi also possesses a soft heart as he saves the girl named Sayo and puts himself in trouble.

Greed also plays the main role in the anime. As Sayo, a young girl finds a piece of gold, the entire village fights over to get it, which ultimately leads to a skirmish among the villagers. A lot of people were killed in that skirmish.

Lemon’s greed to take control of the gold mine and use villagers for his interest leads him to a rogue and traitor from being a skilled and trustworthy samurai.

From which game, Onimusha anime has been adapted?

Onimusha anime has been adapted from the series of video games namely Onimusha, which was developed and published by Capcom.

What does the mysterious box in the anime contain?

The mysterious box in the anime contains the Oni Gauntlet, which gives power to its wielder to fight evil.

Who is stronger, Lemon or Miyamoto Musashi?

Obviously, Miyamoto Musashi is stronger.

Technically, who was the reason behind the skirmish which took place among villagers?

Sayo, a girl who found a piece of gold. All villagers fought to procure that gold.

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