Invincible Anime, Season 2, Episode Release Date, Twists and much more

Robert Kirkman’s comics have been adapted into a fine anime named Invincible.
As season one of anime has created a lot of popularity among otaku, all have gone bonkers, and are eagerly waiting for season 2. So the good news is that season 2 has been announced and 1 episode has already been released and 7 more to come.

Episode Release Date
S02E01 03/11/2023
S02E02 10/11/2023
S03E03 17/11/2023
S02E04 24/11/2023

Then there will be a break and the release date of the upcoming 4 episodes is yet to be announced. This is done to create more excitement among viewers. So keep in touch to get updated on the release date of the remaining episodes.

Twists that would shock the Otaku’s

Mark Grayson gets immense strength and skills ahead in season 2. The Terrible secret of Mark’s father, Omni-man is also revealed.

The perception regarding omni-man will also be changed in season 2. You can compare Omni-man with the Itachi Uchiha of Naruto anime as both are considered as villains until the plot is completed

Invincible Season 2: where to watch?

Otakus’s can watch this beautiful anime on Amazon Prime. The season one of the anime was also streamed on the same platform.

Official Announcement

The creator of the season, Robert Kirkman, took to “X” (Formally Known as Twitter) to share the good news of the season’s renewal.

Quoting Robert Kirkman, creator of the season, he posted on X: “Hey @InvincibleHQ fans! @steveyeun & I have some potentially exciting news to share about season 2 and…”

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