Blood Lad Anime Review, Release Date, Characters, & More

Ever wondered about anime which is tragic, full of action, and comic? if not, then you are on the right page. Such a genre is called Dramedy. Blood Lad is also a type of Dramedy. In this article, I am going to introduce to a very underrated anime you must watch right now.

Why Watch Blood Lad Anime?

Release Date 07/07/2013
Episodes 10
IMDB 7.0
Where to Watch Hulu, Prime Video

In Blood Lad anime, A vampire wants to go into the human world, so that he can enjoy video games, animes, and their culture, his name is Staz and he calls himself an Otaku. Staz is considered the most powerful vampire in Blood Lad anime. Staz is also the head of the eastern demonic world.

One day he is informed that a human has entered their demonic world by some Portal, and he becomes joyous upon hearing this news. Staz was stunned to see the girl, her name was Fuyumi. Staz fell in love with Fuyumi but at the same time wants to suck her blood, however, he restrained himself and let her live there.

Out of nowhere, Staz’s district gets attacked by other vampires and in this attack, Fuyumi gets killed. It hurts Staz a lot, he wants to revive her but can’t due to his lack of ability.

Amidst this scene, A woman appears out of the blue, named Belle. In her introduction, it was revealed that Belle is a magician and she can travel to any place in the universe she wants. Belle tells Staz, that she once had a book, in which the process of the revival of humans was written. Staz, upon hearing this felt good and told her where that book is currently. It was confirmed that Starz’s best friend Wolf possessed that book. Upon meeting Wolf, Belle appears and gives Staz a book and tells him “I just wanted to irritate you a bit”.

The book was hard to read and they were told that only a person could read this book. They were led to a person and it turned out to be the elder brother of Staz. Staz often was beaten by his elder brother in his young days. Staz helps his elder brother on some mission and in return, his brother decides to revive Fuyumi. When they were going to resurrect Fuyumi, she was not in her room. On confirming her disappearance, it was divulged that Belle’s brother, who also is a sorcerer, has kidnapped Fuyumi.

All went to Belle’s house and everyone was shocked, as they saw Belle’s mother hugging Fuyumi very lovingly. To make clear this scenario, Belle’s Mom revealed that she once visited the human world and merged with Fuyumi’s Mom and now both are living in the same body. That is Belle’s mom and Fuyumi’s mom are living under the same appearance.

Blood Lad Anime Conclusion

Towards the end of Blood Lad Fuyumi gets revived and Staz gets dejected but things turned in his favour when he too was given an ability to live with Fuyumi in Human world as her classmate.

Blood lad is among the most underrated animes. It combines many fictional elements that can create thrill among all sort of viewers. Blood lad anime is only of 10 episode and can be watched just in a day.

Blood Lad Anime Analysis

In Blood Lad, Staz is symbolized as an evil man of any society, who upon receiving love can become good and caring. Like Staz didn’t kill Fuyumi as he felt some love feelings towards her.

The ending of Blood Lad is also symbolic of the dual nature of a person when Belle’s mom hugged Fuyumi, Because inside her was Fuyumi’s mom’s personality. It shows that no matter how powerful or dangerous one can be, they are always inclined towards their blood bond irrespective of their inferiority.

Blood Lad Anime Characters

Character Japanese Name
Staz Charlie Blood チャーリ
Yanagi Fuyumi 柳冬実
Hydra Bell ハイドラ・ベル
Wolf ウルフ
Saty サティ
Pantomime パップラドン・アキム
Franken Stein フランケン・シュタイン
Mamejirou “Mame” 豆次郎
Beros べロス
Plant Seller


Will there be seson two of Blood Lad?

No, as ten years have already passed, nothing has been announced yet.

Is the manga of Blood Lad same as the anime?

No, the manga of this anime is way too big and has covered lot of other scenes.

Is Staz Cruel towards humans as rumoured?

No, Staz often restrained himself from attacking humans, he only sucked the blood when needed.

Is Belle sister of Fuyumi?

Technically no, it is just Belle’s mom who has merged her body with Fuyumi’s mom.

Does Staz ended up with Fuyumi?

Yes, staz in the end lived with Fuyumi as her classmate.


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