Who is stronger Kakashi or Goku?

It is never a good idea to compare two fictional characters from different animes. However, if you really want to see who is stronger between the two, then the answer is definitely Goku from Dragon Ball Z. Kakashi Hatake of the Naruto verse is also a strong character in his verse. But it is just that the power scales in both animes differ. In DBZ, even an ordinary character with some skills is way too strong compared to many Naruto characters. Both animes have different power scales.

Now, if you want to bring Kakashi and Goku into a duel in a normal world, then it is a matter of discussion. Kakashi is a full-fledged shinobi and has an amazing sense of combat. With his strategic skills, he can surely give Goku a tough time. If DMS Kakashi can use Kamui and touch Goku, then Goku is done for. However, Goku has many unique and powerful abilities like instant transmission, Kamehameha, UI, SSJ1, SSJ2, and many others. Goku is like a god, and Kakashi is merely a human. The Sharingan of Kakashi can’t copy Goku’s abilities as they are not a form of Ninjutsu.

If Kakashi uses Kamui, Goku can easily dodge it with his transmission, and using Kamui would deplete Kakashi’s stamina significantly. On the other hand, if Goku misses any attack on Kakashi, he has many other techniques under his sleeves. Goku has enormous stamina, allowing him to fight any opponent for a very long time. Even DMS Kakashi with his Susanoo and speed can’t match Goku. Goku’s brute strength and endurance power are such that he can withstand even planet-level destruction, rendering Susanoo ineffective against him.

Kakashi is one of the smartest anime characters, and during a fight with Goku, he would use many strategic factors, such as letting Goku attack to tire him out. However, there is no concept of exhaustion in Goku’s dictionary. Additionally, Kakashi would attempt to use Kamui on Goku, but Goku’s speed allows him to easily dodge it.

There is not a single ability in Kakashi’s arsenal that gives him an upper hand on Goku. Even a base form Goku can beat prime form Kakashi, so there is no point of discussion. Goku doesn’t even need to go into UI form or SSJMUI. However, if we want to compare these two characters in their respective verses, both are way too strong for many characters in their anime. DMS Kakashi is considered in the top five rankings of the Naruto verse, while Goku is considered in the top three of the DBZ verse. I won’t mention the top one here because Goku can’t beat Zeno and others.

In conclusion, Goku can easily defeat Kakashi and every character in the Naruto verse if they were in the DBZ verse or a neutral world. However, if Goku enters the Naruto verse, he may lose for sure.

Who can beat Goku from the Naruto verse?

No character from the Naruto verse can beat Goku.

Is DMS Kakashi a weak anime character?

No, DMS Kakashi is way too strong. It is just that he can’t beat Goku.

Are both Kakashi and Goku the main characters of their respective verses?

Only Goku is the main character of the DBZ anime, and Kakashi is a side but an important character of the Naruto anime.

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