Who is Stronger Goku or Saitama?

Welcome back to another riveting article for you anime fans who always wonder about inter-anime characters’ fights like Naruto vs Goku, Gojo vs Goku, and others.

Well, for now, we’ve set our eyes upon this riveting contest between Goku and Saitama and who among them is stronger and who will come out victorious. Dragon Ball fans would go for Goku, and One Punch Man fans would go for Saitama, which always creates a rift between them. So for that, we’re here to give you a clear sense of who is stronger and get those doubts cleared from your mind.

Is Saitama Stronger Than Goku?

Both of them are well known for their immense strength, creating havoc among opponents. Dragon Ball fans feel that Goku can and will beat Saitama with his terrific new Ultra Instinct, but it’s not as straightforward as it seems because Saitama is powerful beyond any common sense and logic. He’s not just that, but he does seem to be on another level with his prowess.

It’s surely not an easy task to have a definite say about who the winner really will be, although I’d say One Punch Man fans hold an edge. But as a Dragon Ball fan, I’d surely love to have Goku come out as the winner. So without further ado, we should compare their strengths and powers and then decide whether it’s Goku or Saitama who’ll come out on top. Let’s first have a look at Saitama’s powers, which are his marvelous strength that allows him to defeat even the toughest opponents rather easily.

As the title of the anime suggests, truly most of his enemies get knocked down after just one hit. He’s remarkable in his pace too, even outpacing those enemies who have superhuman speed. With all his resistant powers too, he has even mastered time travel technique. The only visible weakness that we can see is his inability to fly, which is a strange thing among all of his features.

Now we should have a look at Goku’s powers, which begin with the gradual transformations. These powers are inborn and natural Saiyan traits, and with each step, he gets stronger and stronger. He even has Kamehameha and Genki Dama/Spirit Bomb, which he creates by channeling his own Ki. Not just this, he even has Instant Transmission, which allows him to appear anywhere whenever he wants to. And of course, now he possesses Ultra Instinct – his new transformation and currently his strongest form, which is powerful beyond any imagination. He possesses incredible speed too, as he can move as fast as hundreds and thousands of times the speed of light. At first, he couldn’t fly and had to use a Nimbus Cloud, but then he mastered the art of flying too, which he holds an advantage over Saitama.

We’ve got the measure of their immense capabilities now. So the question is who can win now? Firstly, I’d say this really won’t be an easy fight as both of them are remarkably tough, and this fight will last for so long as both of them won’t give up that easily and will let the fight continue even for the last moment, even at the brink of it all. Moreover, Saitama has no special abilities like regenerative or magical powers, which Goku possesses; on the other hand, because of his Saiyan warrior race. This match-up is a tough one, and with Saitama’s physical abilities in any regard, it holds him advantageous.

So I’d say Saitama has an edge over Goku and might come out victorious. But the contest would be a legendary one, and who knows it might end up in a draw. With the new series of Dragon Ball Super set to commence and the ongoing series of One Punch Man, this argument has surely not ended yet and is set to stretch beyond this. So for that, you have to be glued to this site and keep looking out for further discussions.

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