Why does Tanjiro’s Scar Change? Mystery Explained!

Tanjiro Kamado, the protagonist of the Demon Slayer anime, is known for his kindness, especially towards his family. As usual, he was about to leave his home to sell charcoal when he noticed one of his siblings playing near a hot pot. The water was boiling, and it was about to fall on his younger sibling. In a swift move, Tanjiro jumped and saved his younger brother, but in the process, his forehead was affected by the hot water, leaving a mark. So, the mark on Tanjiro’s forehead is not a birthmark but an accidental mark. Initially pinkish, the mark changed over time, becoming larger and darker red.

The first significant change occurred after a traumatic incident in Tanjiro’s family. To confront demons, he joined the Demon Slayer Corps. During the final selection test, Tanjiro faced the Hand Demon, who delivered a powerful blow to Tanjiro’s head, transforming his scar into a larger and darker red mark.

Another notable change happened during the Entertainment District Arc. Tanjiro, along with Tengen and his three wives, fought an Upper Moon demon named Gyutaro and his other self, Daki, who was his sister. The intense battle was fatal for both sides, particularly for Tanjiro and his comrades. To protect everyone, Tanjiro unleashed his latent potential, gaining immense power and strength. During this moment, his scar changed again, but this time into the Demon Slayer Mark, a powerful and unique mark that only appears among the most powerful Slayers.

This transformation during the Entertainment Arc signaled that Tanjiro was not an ordinary Demon Slayer. The mark resembled Yoriichi’s mark, known for its uniqueness. Yoriichi’s scar mark is considered one of a kind, and Tanjiro, by undergoing this change, was expected to inherit Yoriichi’s exceptional skills. The transformation of Tanjiro’s scar is a crucial point in the Demon Slayer anime.


Whose Demon Slayer mark is considered special?

Yoriichi’s mark is considered the special mark.

When does Tanjiro’s scar change into a Demon Slayer mark?

During the Entertainment District Arc, Tanjiro’s scar changed into a Demon Slayer mark.

Who does Tanjiro resemble?

Tanjiro resembles the most powerful Demon Slayer ever named Yoriichi.

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