Misa Amane from Death Note: Everything about her

Misa Amane is a fictional female character in the manga series Death Note, renowned as a famous model. In this article, you will learn about the popular character Misa Amane.

Series Debut Death Note
Species Human
Alias 2nd Kira, Misa Misa
Age (in the film series) 19-29
Height 152 cm
Created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata
Family Light Yagami (fiancé)
Born on 25 December 1984
Hair color Golden Blonde
Portrayed by Erika Toda
Voiced by (Japanese) Aya Hirano
Voiced by (English) Shannon Chan-Kent
Occupation Model, Actress, Singer, TV personality (in Death Note series)
Birthplace Kyoto
Film Series Death Note, Death Note: The Last Name, Death Note: Light Up the World

About Misa Amane

Misa is a famous Japanese idol and a character in Death Note. She seeks Light Yagami as he helped clear her parents’ murderers and eradicate evil from society, using the Death Note received from the Shinigami Ryuk.

Misa also possesses a Death Note from Rem, but she gets caught by the police, earning her the title of the second Kira. Light helps her escape prison by convincing her to pass the Death Note to another person. She agrees, and all memories related to the Death Note are erased from her mind.

Misa receives the eyes of a Shinigami from Rem, giving her the power to know people’s lifespan and names, though it costs her half her lifespan. She uses this power to kill, as the notebook’s owner must write the name and visualize the person’s face.

Interestingly, she uses the Shinigami eyes again, further reducing her lifespan by one-fourth, as she had already lost half her lifespan during the initial acquisition. Now, she has a significantly shortened lifespan.

Does Light Yagami Love Misa

Misa Amane loves Light, and he is aware of it. However, Rem, the Shinigami, falls for Misa, threatening Light that he will kill him if anything happens to her. Despite Light’s knowledge of Misa’s love for him, he exploits her unique power without reciprocating her feelings.

The heart-wrenching truth is that Light never loves Misa Amane, and he consistently hurts her feelings.

How Does Misa Amane Die

After the death of Light Yagami, we see Misa on the top floor of a high building, the question arises is she going to suicide? The answer is No. According to many sources of social media Misa is dead but the answer hides in the last papers of Novel.

The death date of Light Yagami is 28 January 2010 and according to the sources, the death date of Misa is 14 February 2011. That means the difference is a year approximately. So does she know about the death of Light after a year, was she so strong to live with the memories of Light, as she loved Light a lot?

The answer is that Light was the only person whom Misa loved and liked. After the death of Light, Misa does not get any destination anymore and she doesn’t have any reason to forget Light. She also has taken Shinigami’s eyes twice reducing her life span a lot, she does it for the Kira(Light). So, the conclusion is she had committed suicide.

Popular Quotes of Misa Amane

1. “To defeat evil there must be sacrifices”.

2. “What a wonderful way to kill”.

3. “I will work hard to make you love me”.

4. “Your Pervert”.

5. “Someone just touch my butt”.

6. “ Oh Light”

7. “You can’t buy love and peace by money.”

8. “Its going really well. I just need to keep it up”.

9. “If you keep my secret. This strawberry is yours”.

10. “I Think I’ve Been Totally Wrong About You This Whole Time.”

FAQ About Misa Amane

How old is Misa Amane?

Misa Amane is 19-24 years old. She was born on December 25, 1984, in Kyoto.

What happened to Misa Amane?

Misa Amane committed suicide following Light’s death.

When does Misa Amane appear in the anime?

Misa Amane first appears in the anime Death Note in episode 11, titled “Assault.”

What personality type is Misa Amane?

Misa Amane is ENFP. She’s definitely not an S like some people think. She’s not ESFP or ESFJ. She’s happy-go-lucky, imaginative, and idealistic.

What happened to Misa Amane after Light died?

Misa fell into despair and committed suicide.

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