Goko vs Naruto: Who would win and why?

Goku can easily beat Naruto. No doubt Naruto has many powers and skills, still can’t defeat Goku. Goku is on a whole other level. Goku is of a universal level and Naruto is of a star level.

Both are way too strong in their respective verses and it is quite a shame to compare the two legendary characters. However, if you want to do a duel between the two, then Goku would surely have the upper hand. Below I will be Citing some reasons which proves that how Goku can beat Naruto

Naruto has many abilities like, Shadow clone Jutsu, Rasengan and Rasenshuriken, sage mode, kyuubi mode, baryon mode, healing powers, stamina, and many others. These abilities are no doubt the greatest of all in the Naruto verse but to beat Goku with these abilities is way too impossible.

Now coming to the abilities of Goku. He has transmission ability which can take him from one planet to another with the speed of light or faster than that. Then he has Kamehama, SSJ1, SSJ2, SSJ3, SSJ Blue, and then comes his strong ability, Ultra instinct.

Goku has such a tremendous endurance power, that he can bare the attack of planet destruction level. So Naruto’s jutsu like tailed beast beast bomb and Rasengan will have no effect on Goku.

Kai once mentioned that if the fight between Beerus and Goku continues, it will destroy the entire universe. So Goku can easily overcome the attacks of Baryon mode Naruto with his Ultra instinct ability.

Naruto is considered one of the strong characters in terms of stamina but Goku has even more stamina than Naruto. As shown in the anime, Goku can use transmission and telekinesis hundreds of times and he will still feel no tiredness. On the other hand, Naruto shared his chakra with thousands of Shinobi but he could maintain that for a longer time.


Not to mention, that both are strong and hardworking characters in their respective verses and can beat any character in their prime. But when both are compared, then Goku surely comes with the upper hand.

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