10+ Best Anime Like Naruto You Must Watch Right Now

Since the last two decades, Naruto has gained a lot of popularity among fans and this anime is absolute masterpiece. Most important thing about this anime is that it is not bound to any age group, whether a teenager or a an elderly person, one can watch it without getting bored. None other anime could match the level of Naruto. However, there are certain anime which can give you taste of this anime. In this article, I am going mention few anime like Naruto you should watch.

anime like naruto

Top 10 Anime Like Naruto You Must Watch

Blue Exorcistz

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Unlike the Naruto this anime isn’t that lengthy but it has the same thrill just in this short length. Two twins Rin and Yukio whose blood has the mix of Satan (their father). They both gives their best to suppress those demonic features, not only this they even used those demonic powers against the other harmful demons in order to protect the world from any bloodshed. Like Naruto suppresses the power of Kurama ( nine tailed fox) a powerful beast and then uses the same against the evil to protect the world and his loved ones. This anime won’t take much of your time and will provide you a lot of action and thrill.

Fairy Tail

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Full of fiction and action, this anime not only gives you Naruto vibe but also gives the touch of today’s popular anime Demon slayer. This anime involves the Natsu’s search for his father. Natsu is the dragon slayer and in this quest he recruits many other wizards . In the meantime. they fight many dragons and the use ice magic and fire magic against them.

Also, summoning creatures have been used through out the anime. Like in Naruto different Shinobi’s possesses different nature of chakra like wind ,water or fire etc. Here the use ice magic and fire magic. This anime has not involvement of the thrilled fights like Naruto but it also has an excellent plot and character development like Naruto. So hurry up and watch it.

One Piece

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One piece and Naruto are the two different anime with large fanbase. One piece is so addictive and interesting that in spite of its conclusion in manga , it still has been expanded due to its demand by fans. It is the story of a boy Monkey D.Luffy ,who wants to gain the legendary treasure known as One Piece and to become the king of pirates. To procure that he need to make it to the grand line which is said to be the location of legendary treasure. For that he makes his own crew called straw hat pirates . He also wants to fight the Strongest Pirate ever existed Gol D. Roger.

In many ways one piece is relevant to Naruto as both the main characters of anime are aiming for the highest destination king of Pirates and Hokage respectively. Although one can find variety of techniques and power in Naruto than one piece but one piece has it’s own specialities even greater than Naruto. One piece not only has the largest fanbase, it also has the bigger plot than any other anime.


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Tsuna, a gentle high school student, who has done no harm to anyone suddenly gets to know that she is not he descendant of a mafia family of Italy and now has to handle the group of mafia’s and to be there head. Tsuna has tremendous powers based on fire like in Naruto Uchiha clan has the fire nature and are claimed to be the strongest clan. Tsuna has the same nature as Naruto has ,that is to do anything in order to protect their friends. If you are suspense lover then this anime is a must watch for you.


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Rivalry between the two ninja clans in this anime has taken the entire attention. Like in Naruto, the Uchiha clan and the Senju clan has the rivalry, same in the Basilisk, two clans namely Iga Tsubagakure and Kouga Manjidani clan always keeps fighting with eachother. Amidst of this rivalry and bloodshed there rises a love story between the two persons of both of the clans.

The love story of Gennosuke Kouga and Oburo Iga. Both of them faces a lot of the problems and hurdles however they never left each other and always stayed beside one another. This bondig between the two resembles the bonding of Hashirama senju and Madara uchiha. Despite the fights and hatred among the clans these two never hated eachother.
Infact the creator of both Naruto and Basilisk is the same, Masashi Kishimoto.

Black Clover

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Birth of a boy in a magical world where everyone possess some unique power or magic except this newborn baby. The baby grows and turns into a fine young boy with no power. The boy’s name is Asta and he wants to be the wizard king. Like in Naruto, the main character Naruto Uzumaki who is viewed as outcast just because of a fox who is sealed within him. Asta also was powerless but then bestowed with five leaf grimoire which provides him the anti magic power. Asta then goes along with his friend Yunk to save the world from the evil magic of wizards. This anime is one of the most loved animes. So don’t let your idleness take yoh upz hurry up and catch it now.

Hunter X Hunter

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The anime involves a boy namely Gon Freecss son of Ging Freecss , who gets to know that his absentee father is a legendary hunter and he also wants to follow the footpath of his father. To be a great hunter, he faces a lot of enemies and hurdles, to overcome that he has his friends ,Killua Zoldyck, Kurapika, Leorio Paradinish. They together overcomes every hurdle and achieves the feat.
Like chakra nature in Naruto this anime involves, Nen, a complex and versatile energy system. A must watch for anime lovers as this is the on of the few anime who has got twice adaptation in anime form first in 1999 and also in 2011.

My Hero Academia

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Izuki Midoriya, the main character of the anime comes into this world without any special power called Quirk, still he wants to be the best hero in this anime like All Might the greatest hero ever existed. All Might once encounters Izuki and by seeing his heroic spirit, All might chooses Izuki as his successor and passes on his Quirk ‘One For All’ to Izuki.
Both Naruto and Izuki starts as underdogs in their respective society but ends up being at the top.

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

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Not a great sequel of Naruto as it contains too many fillers however it has the scenes of Naruto and formidable enemies like otsutsuki which makes it worth watching. I don’t reckon it personally but if you are eager to know that for what Naruto and his comrades has fought, then go for it.

Tokyo Ghoul

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Ken Kaneki , the main character of Tokyo Ghoul gets bitten by a Ghoul however he manages to overcome the effect of that bite and gains immense power. He uses that power against the evil like Naruto does by using power of Kurama. Worth watching anime.

Conclusion: Anime Like Naruto

To sum up, above anime are very good to watch if you like Naruto because these will give similar vibes as Naruto. TBH, I loved every episode of the above anime. SO GO FOR IT....

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