Who is the STRONGEST anime character ever?

It is very hard to determine the strongest character in the anime world. There are a lot of parameters that one has to consider during claiming someone to be the strongest character.

You will often find from many sources that characters like Goku, Saitama, Anos Voldigoad, Naruto,Muzan kibutsuji or Kaguya Otsutsuki are the strongest characters. However, these characters are not the strongest as they lack many abilities to attain that position.

Keeping all the parameters in mind, below I will mention some characters that are the strongest in the anime world.


Anime: Demon King Daimao

Akuto Sai is an excellent swordsman and has a firm grip over magic abilities. Akuto Sai can almost beat all the characters in the anime world. Due to his ability, to see the future he can predict the attack from his foe and can prepare the defense beforehand.
Akuto Sai can also manipulate law, Time, space, Reality, Plot, Life, and death and the ability to erase the existence of any being.
He can easily beat characters like Goku, Saitama by using his ability to erase them from their existence.


Anime: Dragon Ball Z

Zeno is considered the strongest character in Dragon Ball Z. Beerus, who is the God of the destruction of the universe has defeated Goku. Beerus himself accepts that” Zeno smashed me in an instant”. This is the Clear proof that Goku is no match for Zeno.
Zeno is so powerful that he can destroy an entire universe in an instant. He has already destroyed six universes out of eighteen due to his aggression.

Feathrine Augustus Aurora

Anime: Umineko when they cry

Feathrine is considered a beast in a fictional world. She is immune to any disease and is considered ageless. She possesses abilities like Nigh’s omnipresence and teleportation which makes her one of the most powerful characters. She can travel anywhere within an instant and can run from the grasp of any foe to buy some time. She is a creator, she can write anything she wants and will let it happen for her interest.

Kaguya Otsutsuki

Anime: Naruto Shippuden

No doubt Kaguya was somehow defeated at the end but it was not entirely so. It took all skilled Shinobi including kages and tailed beasts to bring her down. Traveling from one dimension to another makes kaguya more fierce and strong. Whilst fighting her foe, she can change the dimensions for her benefit and can get the upper hand on her foe.
She also possesses the ability to hypnotize people. She can erase the memory of her enemies to make sure they forget their strength.

Light Yagami

Anime: Death Note

One of the smartest and most intelligent characters with unique abilities. Light Yagami always thinks many steps ahead of his enemy to get the upper hand on them.
Light possesses a mysterious notebook named Death Note. In that book, he can write anyone’s name and get them killed. To do so he needs to know the face, and name of the person who is to be killed.
Light Yagami can easily kill anyone by merely sitting at his residence. He doesn’t need brute strength or any other skill to defeat his enemy.

There are many other characters in the fictional world that could be stronger than the characters I have mentioned. However, I have kept all the parameters whilst concluding the list.

Superpower and brute strength are not the only parameters to make a character strong. To have a high intellect is as vital as any other skill.


Can Zeno beat Goku?

Zeno can easily beat Goku, as stated by Beerus. Zeno can destroy an entire universe in an instant.

How can Akuto Sai beat a strong character like Zeno?

Akuto Sai has the ability to erase anything from its existence, giving him an upper hand on Zeno.

How is Kaguya Otsutsuki stronger than Saitama of One Punch Man?

Kaguya has the ability to change dimensions. She produces shockwaves that can repel any swift attack from Saitama.

Who is the main character in Dragon Ball?

The main character in Dragon Ball is Goku.

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