10+ Best Anime Like Demon Slayer You Should Watch

Looking for the best Anime like Demon Slayer? Worry not, we have got you covered. In this article, we are going to provide you with The Best Anime Like Demon Slayer.

Anime Like Demon Slayer

Recently, Demon Slayer has gained a lot of popularity among otaku, and fans are looking for more anime like Demon Slayer. Below are a few anime that will make you feel like Demon Slayer or even more than that…



In this anime devils are real and manifest from the human emotions. Like the ‘The demon slayer corps” in demon slayer, here public safety division is a group of trained forces who hunts down the demons. This anime full package of thrill and action


Claymore hasn’t gained that much popularity like the demon slayer has gained but it sure is worth to watch. This anime involves the combat between Yomas, who are shape shifting demons and the humans. However, common humans are no match for the Yomas. So a group of special men is trained and are called Claymore. Claymore is the combination of half Yoma and half human.

Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist” and “Demon Slayer” are popular Shonen anime, which means they are targeted primarily at a young male audience and share certain tropes common to the Shonen genre, such as action, adventure, and coming-of-age themes. i reckon this anime has a lot of match to demon slayer as in both anime humanity attempts to survive against supernatural threat.

D-Gray Man

Like Muzan Kibutsuji in demon slayer, who creates many demons , same is the case here, an evil demon known as the millennium Earl is turning people into monsters. This act of millennium Earl leads to devastation into the world and creates the world in defence, an army namely Exorcist Society. This anime is worth to give a shot and i bet that you would feel much exhilarated after watching this anime.

Fog Hill of Five Elements

Both anime revolves around the balance of power . In fog hill of five elements, a group of heroes are striving to balance the five elements that is wood, fire, earth, metal and water. In demon slayer fight between Muzan Kibutsuji (demons) and demon slayers is to remove the weight of terror from the world by demon slayers. Fog hill of five elements is a Chinese originated show so i personally won’t suggest it to watch however if you have liking towards Chinese originated shows then it is worth to watch.


Anime name based on the main character Inuyasha, who is considered the reincarnation of Kikyo(powerful priestess who guarded the shikon jewel),in demon slayer Tanjiro is considered as the reincarnation of Yoriichi, the strongest slayer ever existed as both has the same face and wearing same Hanafuda earrings. Inuyasha somehow goes into the past and there she witnesses the Shikon jewel gets shattered onto the land and the antagonist Naraku tries to gather those to fulfill his dark purposes like Muzan kibutsuji in demon slayer.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

The setting of the anime is the apocalyptic, that is the humanity is on the verge of death due to zombie like creatures called kabane. The main character Ikoma fights against them with his piercing gun and amidst he gets bitten by a zombie however he creates resistance against the infection and turns into kabaneri( hybrid of human and kabane). He becomes more powerful than zombies. This case of Ikoma is more like Nezuko kamado in demon slayer.

Attack on Titan

This anime has gained more popularity than demon slayer itself as the characters like levi ackerman are way too cooler than tanjiro or any other demon slayer character. This animes involves the fight between the huge giants (Titans) who are man eater demons. Every character is fighting for their survival and that is the main idea of the anime. I personally suggest that if you haven’t watched this anime yet, then you already have wasted a lot of time, go for this anime as soon as possible. This is one of the best anime which has ever been produced.

Jujutsu Kaisen

This anime has the fight between the demons and the human like in demon slayer. But in demon slayer demons feed up on the blood of the humans and in JJK demons feed upon the curses stemming from innate energy that most people can’t control. This anime has also gained a lot of popularity especially due to the presence of Gojo Satorou . Like demon slayer corps in demon slayer, sorcerer’s is the group in JJK to fight against curses.

Tokyo Ghoul

An anime where a common boy Kaneki gets bitten by a ghoul and thus turns into a most powerful ghoul Ever. Ken Kaneki becomes so powerful that even the CCG could not do any harm to him. One of the most watched anime. So hurry up and go for the anime

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