Ultra Instinct Goku Vs Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan; Who Would Win?

Welcome ya’all folks for another exciting-looking article that creates tension around the Dragon Ball fans all over the world. Last term around was about inter-anime fights but this one is inside the anime series. It’s a question on almost every Dragon Ball fan’s lips as to who among Goku and Broly wins when they’re at their peak prowess meaning the Ultra Instinct Goku and Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan as he’s now called.

So for this peculiar question, we’re here to give you guys a clear detailed analysis of their power and who will come out as eventual winner. So don’t go anywhere and keep yourselves glued to this article.

Goku Vs Broly, Who Would WIN?

Both Goku and Broly hold immense power and strength in them that they can beat any other character in the series without much fuss. We saw in the movie called “Dragon Ball Super: Broly”, how powerful Broly is and how he adapts to his opponent’s power with every step he makes. In the movie, it took Gogeta (the combination or we should say fusion of Vegeta and Goku in their respective Super Saiyan Blue form) to defeat Broly but it did not kill him although we saw how Broly struggled against Gogeta.

Although Goku SSB struggled to fight Broly toe-to-toe and was battered by him this time it’s not the Super Saiyan Blue form of Goku it’s the Mastered Ultra Instinct of Goku. We’ve had a lot of times being asked as to why didn’t Goku use it in the movie. Well, the answer for that is he couldn’t use it at will. It needed something to push him over to that limit so that he could go past this limitation and bring out the Ultra Instinct. In other it needed someone like Jiren to do it.

Well now without any further delay, we should compare each other’s powers and strengths. Firstly we’ll have a look at Broly and the Saiyan transformations that he goes through which are of the purest form including his top form known as Legendary Super Saiyan which is quite advanced among other transformations that other Saiyans go through be it SSB or SSG. The other thing to notice is when Broly achieves this form he completely loses control over everything and starts going berserk and destroying everything which comes his way. Also, the telling thing is the limitless potential that Broly possesses due to his rare Saiyan genes. Upon knowing all of this we can say is Broly won’t leave Goku without a scratch in his head.

Now we’ll take a glance at the prowess of Goku and his immeasurable Ultra Instinct transformation which makes him stronger and stronger with each attack he makes. Also, the point to be noted is that this form takes him past Beerus and is level with the Angel of Gods who is much stronger and this form keeps on increasing Goku’s power with each step he faces his opponents. This shows how much strength his Ultra Instinct form possesses which would give scares to Broly when Goku attacks at him. Another thing is his energy manipulation which gets better in the Ultra Instinct form while also making his reflexes work a lot sharper than ever before. Speed is another great aspect that Goku enhances in this form making him so fast that even Broly would lose his eye.

Now that we’ve seen their prowess and their respective transformations we can see who the real winner will be. Although the Legendary Super Saiyan form of Broly is more sustainable and durable than the Ultra Instinct form of Goku which drains his energy on a huge level. This way Broly might have a chance against Goku if he stays longer but that’s a big if.

Having said that, I feel and we probably all do that Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku would come out victorious but only if he fought to win it. As told before Broly, if he stays longer adapts, and gains more power with each step might just pip Goku but all in all Goku clearly won’t let that happen and be quicker to come out on top.

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