Love Hashira: A Demon Slayer Mystery

You might be wondering if “Love Hashira” is a genuine term. It does sound strange for love and Hashira to coexist. Let me clarify — In the Demon Slayer anime, the title of Hashira is bestowed upon individuals possessing immense strength, talent, and swordsmanship. Hashiras are the elite members of the Demon Slayer Corps, and only a select few candidates reach this level. Their primary duty is to combat evil, leading a challenging and demanding life.

Now that you understand the term Hashira, let’s delve into the concept of “Love Hashira” in the Demon Slayer anime. Hashiras are often given different nicknames; for example, Rengoku is known as Flame Hashira, and Obanai is referred to as Serpent Hashira. There is also a female Hashira named Mitsuri Kanroji, who has been given the title of Love Hashira.

Mitsuri Kanroji’s character is surprising given the nature of Hashiras, who are usually engrossed in fighting evil, leaving little time for love. “Mitsuri” means “Honey” in Japanese, reflecting her sweet and tender-hearted nature. While Mitsuri is undoubtedly strong and powerful, she stands out for her affectionate disposition towards humans and animals alike. She has a distinct appearance, wearing unique clothing and styling her hair in braids.

During a Hashira meeting where Tanjiro brings his demon sister Nezuko, Mitsuri is moved to tears witnessing Tanjiro’s protective love for his sister. This incident highlights Mitsuri’s appreciation for compassion and love, showcasing her big and loving heart.

In her teenage years, Mitsuri, yet to join the Demon Slayer Corps, sought a loving partner and marriage. However, her unique strength and gluttonous eating habits made finding a suitable match challenging. Mitsuri’s immense strength, comparable to a man’s, became a perceived barrier to her marriage. Determined to use her strength for good and find a partner, Mitsuri decided to join the Demon Slayer Corps.

Mitsuri plays a significant role during the Swordsmith arc, demonstrating her skills and aiding Tokito and Tanjiro in defeating upper demons like Hantengu and Gyokko. Despite her small stature, Mitsuri possesses immense strength, having trained under Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku. She developed her own breathing technique, the Love Breathing Technique, inspired by Rengoku’s Flame Breathing Technique.

Mitsuri’s character is not only beautiful and kindhearted but also brave and skilled. She holds a soft spot for Serpent Hashira Obanai, and despite Obanai’s awkwardness in expressing his feelings, he gifts her long socks, which she wears throughout the anime.

In the manga, Mitsuri meets her demise during the final arc of the Demon Slayer series while fighting Muzan. Despite giving her all and losing her limbs, Mitsuri ultimately dies in the arms of Obanai.


What does the word Mitsuri mean?

Mitsuri means Honey in Japanese.

Who kills Love Hashira, Mitsuri?

Muzan Kibutsuji kills Love Hashira, Mitsuri.

Which Hashira was special to Mitsuri?

Flame Hashira, Rengoku, was particularly special to Mitsuri.

Who is known as Love Hashira?

Mitsuri Kanroji is known as Love Hashira.

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