Why is Muzan scared of Tanjiro?

This question is more intriguing than it initially appears. To comprehend why Muzan is afraid of Tanjiro, we need to delve into the character of the most powerful demon slayer to have ever existed, Yoriichi.

Yoriichi Tsugikuni was the master of all 13 forms of the sun breathing technique. The techniques witnessed in the Demon Slayer anime, such as water breathing, flame breathing, thunder breathing, etc., all stem from the single form known as sun breathing. Tsugukuni Yoriichi was the sole individual able to master this technique.

Now, let’s get to the crux of the matter. Muzan Kibutsuji, known as the demon king, has been alive for the past 1000 years. To gain strength and extend his lifespan, Muzan ruthlessly killed numerous innocent humans. However, someone needed to put a stop to him, and that someone was Yoriichi, the only character who managed to defeat the Demon King, Muzan Kibutsuji. Yoriichi, wearing Hanafuda earrings and a red Haori over an orange Kimono, had once been a guest in the Sumiyoshi household, ancestors of Tanjiro Kamado.

Before leaving, Yoriichi taught all 12 forms of Sun breathing to Sumiyoshi, who, in turn, created a new form known as Hinokami Kagura. Yoriichi also gifted Sumiyoshi his Hanafuda earrings, which were eventually passed down to Tanjiro through generations.

This familial connection to Yoriichi and the possession of the Hanafuda Earring were the reasons why Muzan targeted Tanjiro’s family. Tanjiro, resembling Yoriichi in many ways, wearing the Hanafuda earrings, and belonging to the bloodline of Sun breathing users, became a target of Muzan’s fear.

Muzan was so apprehensive about Tanjiro that he sought to eliminate him at a young age. The presence of the Hanafuda earring is the primary reason why Muzan is afraid of Tanjiro. Over time, Tanjiro also mastered the Hinokami Kagura, further intensifying Muzan’s fear. Desiring immortality, Muzan’s terror heightened upon encountering someone so closely resembling Yoriichi.

This fear led Muzan to hide among the common people in a city, attempting to conceal his appearance. Despite his efforts, Tanjiro was able to sense Muzan’s presence and provided crucial intelligence to Ubuyashiki, proving instrumental in the anime’s subsequent events.


Whose earrings is Tanjiro wearing?

Tanjiro is wearing Yoriichi’s Hanafuda earrings.

Was Tanjiro able to use Hinokami Kagura?

Yes, Tanjiro was able to use Hinokami Kagura.

Who was Muzan most afraid of?

Muzan was most afraid of Yoriichi.

Can Yoriichi beat Muzan?

Yes, Yoriichi easily defeated Muzan.

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