Dragon Ball vs Dragon Ball Z – Which one is Better?

Hello, as you guys must be wondering about this peculiar question that has been going on in your minds for a very long time. And the question is whether Dragon Ball is better than Dragon Ball Z or is it the vice versa.

Well a lot of fans who have watched the show must have enjoyed both of them but still many of them must be having different opinions about which one is better.

And if we closely look at everything we’ll be able to determine for you which one is better because the two classic series of Dragon Ball are drastically quite different from each other.

In some ways Dragon Ball Z might be better but there are some things that the original Dragon Ball series is better at than the Z series. So without further ado we will be able bring you those exact distinctions between both the classics.

Martial Arts

Well, first we will talk about the martial arts and how it’s focused mainly in original Dragon Ball series. We might see some flashy transformations in this series but a lot of it revolves around Goku’s raw training and rather than that brute force or powerful transformations it has mainly focused on hand-to-hand combat and martial arts technique that play an important role in various victories.

World Martial Arts tournament also plays a key role in the regularity of satisfaction for viewers to take a look at martial arts sink their teeth into it. On the other hand dragon Ball Z doesn’t have as much of it as Dragon Ball, as it’s main focus is on transformations and different scale of fights distinguishing humans and Saiyans drastically.

Humour and Fun-Filled Episodes

Well, if we watched both of the series we may find a difference in and about the humour and fun which the original Dragon Ball series had rather than the one which came after it. The focus on tone of Dragon Ball Z shifted towards more seriousness than the original Dragon Ball.

This might not be a large focus of interest as Dragon Ball Z has other things to attract viewers on it’s own but if you are someone who loves fun and humour you would be tempted to turn to the original Dragon Ball series which has a good humour and a lot of fun-filled episodes. We love the immature and stupid antics of Goku in the series by which he gets himself into trouble.
We can argue that both the series aged with time from kid Goku to then adult Goku adjacent to our own childhood to adulthood, although, there’s a real charm to Dragon Ball that we don’t gind in Dragon Ball Z.

More Focus on adventure

All of us who have watched the anime know that it’s mainly highlighted on fighting and skills but the thing about the original Dragon Ball is that it’s filled with more adventure and more exploration on new ideas and new themes. It had a real sense of focus on friendships and different adventures as well which really worked worked well with the narrative if martial arts.
As we saw the friendship of Bulma and Goku and how close their friendship was with each adventure they were involved in as it fell upon Bulma to teach the naive Goku from the start.

But it all changed in years to come as adventure and this kind of friendship began to fade in Dragon Ball Z series. The main focus changed then towards gaining powers and evolution of different enemies each working on focusing newer Super Saiyan transformations than the past focus on adventure and friendship.

Another thing to say is people have their own personal preferences by which they will distinguish both of the shows. But if we talk about the things that we took into consideration we might just move ourselves in the likeness towards the original Dragon Ball series.

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