Every Anime Series Releasing in December 2023

So Anime lovers you must be thirsty for some more action-packed animes after finishing some exhilarating ones. And if you’re looking for some more you’ve come to the very right site(place).

I mean there are some mouthwatering animes to come in 2024 too, like Solo Leveling, Atri: My Dear Moments, 3rd season of One Punch Man, and Classroom of Elite. But there’s still time left for that as we’ve yet to go through December and not miss the zeal of animes. How can we let go of animes when they provide us fans with such huge entertainment?

As we all know how great animes impact us in so many ways. So without further ado here are some of the anime shows you can look forward to watching in December 2023.

Renegade Immortal

Well, if we talk about Chinese anime shows, they might not be as popular as the Japanese ones but they can stand on their own too with regards to their storyline and the animation quality.

It’s only a surprise that we haven’t been able to watch the Chinese animes or these animes haven’t gone to that level but they’re worth watching though as they have got their own stories to tell be it on gods or demons or mythical creatures.
Now if we look at Renegade Immortal, firstly I should say that it’s a novel written by Er Gen and he published it in 2009. Then after a while in September 2023, an anime show was aired based on it.

It follows the story of Wang Lin, who goes through sheer hard work to compensate for what he learns that he has an average-looking talent, after being given a go-ahead on the path of immortality.

You might even need help in knowing where can you watch this anime. Well, it’s episodes airing weekly on Tencent Animation’s official YouTube channel or the We TV app. Trust me, you should go for it.

Hyakushou Kizoku Specials

Well, firstly we should talk about the anime Hyakushou Kizoku, also known as The Noble Farmer. It’s an autobiographical manga series written by Hiromu Arakawa in Japanese. Thereafter an anime series of 12 episodes was adapted on television which started airing in July 2023. It includes a bit of a unique humourous genre.

Right after the success of this anime within a short period, the studio “Pie In The Sky”, chose to release two more special episodes which are going to air in December. These episodes will continue to showcase the adventures of Hiromu Arakawa. So don’t go anywhere and start licking your lips for these two special episodes.

Pokémon Concierge

Now we move on to yet another anime, and you anime fans might be familiar with this name at least the first one. You might also know about the Pokemon media franchise, which has created several shows of Pokemon and video games of it too. Now they are going to rock back with yet another upcoming animated series known as Pokemon Concierge. It was revealed that it would be developed for Netflix with Dwarf Animation Studios lending a liability.

All of its episodes are going to be released simultaneously on Netflix on December 28 and will be released as an ONA (Original Net Animation) series.

The storyline revolves around Haru, a young girl who works at the Pokémon Resort, she meets several creatures, the guests that are over there, and observes the bond they have with their companions and how they’ve devoted their lives to them.

Burn the Witch #0.8

We must probably know about the anime somewhere, which has become a very popular show in recent times, Burn the Witch which follows the story of two witches Noel and Ninny, as they are working for the Western Branch of Society in Reverse London.

Well, talk about specials, shortly there will be not only one or two but many more animes throwing us with special episodes. I think the month of December should be changed to the name of the month of specials.

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