Why Nezuka Can not Talk?

Demon Slayer anime has almost come to its end with two of its arcs yet to be released. One thing that still remains uncertain to most fans is Why Nezuka is unable to talk?

why Nezuko can’t talk?

So far, we have not been provided with a solid reason behind that. However, many theories claim different reasons, and today, I am going to present some of them so you can assume the best one is correct according to your perception. Let’s delve into it without further lengthening the matter.

At the very beginning of the Demon Slayer Anime, it is shown that Tanjiro’s entire family was slaughtered by a demon known as Muzan Kibutsuji. Except for Tanjiro, who was outside his home for some errands, and Nezuko, who was turned into a demon, all were dead. This was the first time we were introduced to Nezuko’s character. As a demon, she attacked her brother Tanjiro to feed on his blood.

However, a Demon Slayer saved Tanjiro. At this time, Tanjiro knew that Nezuko was unable to speak anything as she was not in her consciousness. Witnessing her entire family getting killed in front of her eyes left a traumatic mark on her mind, and she also tried to kill her beloved brother. So, these are the first assumptions that claim due to the shock, stress, and traumatic incident, she lost her cognitive abilities and hence was unable to talk.

Another reason could be that, as Nezuko was now a demon and demons were supposed to kill humans to live long and gain strength, Tanjiro put a bamboo muzzle into Nezuko’s mouth. This was in case she couldn’t control her demonic instincts and attacked any human. Nezuko was a special demon, as she didn’t kill any human and yet lived, gaining amazing strength.

This gives rise to another question: how did Nezuko survive without eating any human?

The anime provides clear evidence for this answer. Whenever Nezuko was out of strength, she went into a deep sleep to regain it. She also remained silent to save her energy by not talking. This is the reason why Nezuko can’t talk.

Now comes one of the widely accepted theories. Buddhism is one of the major religions in Japan, and many elements of Buddhism have been introduced into the Demon Slayer Anime.

For example, one of the ideas of Buddhism is that if you want to achieve something, then give your all in every moment to achieve it. This concept is reflected in the main character, Tanjiro Kamado, who gives his best every time he trains to gain slaying skills for revenge.

Buddhism also teaches that to control anger, one needs to learn how to remain silent. In Nezuko’s case, she always remained silent to strengthen her spirituality by examining her thoughts, possibly limiting or eradicating her demonic instincts.

Another aspect is that, as she remained silent for a very long time due to her demonic nature, all demons who can’t eat humans will be unable to talk. She could have possibly lost her memory regarding the basic need for communication. As no reason is certain and all theories are hypothetical, you can go with the one that includes the Buddhist theory.


Who turned Nezuko into a demon?

Muzan Kibutsuji turned Nezuko into a demon.

Why did Nezuko always remain in a wooden box?

Nezuko, now a demon, would fade away upon exposure to the sun. To prevent that, she remained in a wooden box.

Did Nezuko conquer the sun?

Yes, towards the ending of season 3, Nezuko survived the sun.

Is Nezuko a special demon?

Yes, Nezuko is a special demon due to her non-offensive nature towards humans.

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