Why did Ryuk kill Light in Death Note?

Ryuk is a popular character in Death Note, and his appearance is horrific as he is a Shinigami (God of Death). The Death Note is originally owned by Ryuk, who becomes bored in the Shinigami world and seeks entertainment. He discovers Light Yagami and gives him the mysterious Death Note.

Ryuk, being responsible for killing humans by writing their names in the Death Note, ultimately writes Light Yagami’s name in the notebook. He does this without remorse, as Light is no longer a source of entertainment for him. Ryuk returns to the Shinigami world, indifferent to whether Light lives or dies, having used him solely for amusement.

After Light’s death, Ryuk goes back to the Shinigami world. Two years later, he criticizes another Shinigami for attempting to replicate his success with Light by giving their own Death Note to a “weak” human.

Does Ryuk fall in love with Light?

No, Ryuk does not care whether Light Yagami dies or lives. Light was only a source of entertainment for Ryuk. The only thing Ryuk loves in the human world is “Apples”.

Is Death Note boring after L’s death?

Yes, sadly, after the death of L, it becomes a lot less interesting. But the ending gives justice to L; he was a good detective. So, for the sake of L, you can watch the series till the end.

Why does Ryuk stay with Light?

Ryuk was the owner of the Death Note (notebook). When Light picks up the Death Note, Ryuk starts to live with him until Light dies or willingly returns the notebook or passes the notebook to another person. So, Ryuk was always with Light as long as the notebook was Light’s.

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