7 Things you Must know about Naruto’s Hashirama Senju

Hashirama Seju is a man who rises from the ashes like Phoenix. He grows up in a turmoil era but eventually gains the title of the First Hokage of Konohagakure. He was regarded as the strongest shinobi of his time. He is loved by his fans for his vision to change the world. The horrors of witnessing war at a very tender age gave a very minute direction to his mind. He wanted to change the world so that everyone could live in PEACE. Let us discuss some questions that might be bothering you.

How did Hashirama Senju Die in Naruto?

Hashirama Senju of the Naruto anime series was the leader of the Senju clan and one of the founders of the Village Hidden In The Leaves. Hashirama was so powerful that he could produce Powerful shockwaves that would damage anything in its surroundings just by flaring his chakra. No one was as strong as Hashirama.

He was the first Hokage and was known as the God Of Shinobi. Hashirama Senju had so much regeneration power that he could heal any wound without even weaving hand signs. This one is proved by Madara Uchiha himself in the third great Ninja war when he was fighting Lady Tsunade. As no one was able to beat Hashirama Senju, no one could kill him.

Even Kakuzu was sent to kill him but he failed. Hashirama is the descendant of the Ashura Otsutsuki and the mentor of the third Hokage.

So according to the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, the cause of Hashirama Senju was Natural death and nothing else.

What is Hashirama Senju’s  sage mode?

Sage mode is an ability to gather natural energy and mix it with internal chakra, which then gives rise to a special type of chakra namely the Senjutsu chakra. Mostly a wielder of sage mode requires some sort of animal to master sage mode like Toad for Naruto and Snake for Kabuto etc. However, Hashirama Senju was on a whole different level. He didn’t require any animal to master sage mode.

Hashirama had an immense chakra reservoir which helped him to master sage mode. His sage mode is called the Forest Sage Mode. There appears a black marking on the face of Hashirama Senju and he releases wood logs when he enters the sage mode. It is said that Hashirama had once visited the unique and alienated forest named Shikkotsu Woods and from there he acquired this sage mode however this theory is not widely adopted.

Hashirama was so powerful and skilled that he could heal his wounds without weaving his hand signs.

How did Madara Uchiha survive Hashirama Senju?

Hashirama Senju stabbed Madara. However, Madara Uchiha had prepared Izanagi beforehand. He then passed a shadow clone as his corpse. Izanagi protects a user from damage and even death by controlling the space between reality and illusion. At that time Madara cut Hashirama Senju’s flesh and later used those cells to awaken Rinnegan. Madara then lived for a very long time, He even managed to make his discipline namely Obito Uchiha. Madara passed his every dream to Obito. He made Obito so powerful that Obito was enough for the entire shinobi world.

Was Hashirama stronger than Madara?

Hshirama and Madara were both strong and powerful. Both had their different abilities and skills. Hashirama was renowned for his extraordinary Wood Release abilities and his exceptional reservoir of chakra, while Madara was celebrated for his mastery of the Sharingan and his expertise in hand-to-hand combat. So it is very difficult to say which one among Hashirama and Madara is stronger.

Were Hashirama and Madara friends?

Yes, Hashirama and Madara were best friends in the past. They both grew up in a war time. Both of the two lost their siblings to wars. So they envisaged a world where everyone could live in peace and decided to strive for such a place. In fact, it was Madara who coined the name “Hidden Leaf Village.”

Was Hashirama stronger than Naruto?

While Hashirama possessed a wide range of formidable skills and abilities, it’s important to acknowledge that he would face a significant challenge when pitted against Naruto, the Seventh Hokage. Naruto boasted an arsenal of incredibly powerful abilities that made him a formidable force. Therefore, it would be unfair to argue that Hashirama stood any chance of defeating Naruto


In conclusion, Hashirama was an exceptional Hokage, known for his legendary vision and leadership. His legacy is one that will be cherished and remembered for generations to come.

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