Money Heist Season 6 Release Date? Everything You Need To Know

Money Heist also known as La Casa De Papel, is a Spanish heist crime series by Netflix. The series’ astounding plot was appreciated all over the world. The story is about an attempt to carry out a heist by a group of robbers led by a mastermind known as The Professor.

The original story was released in the Spanish language. However, the series gained public attention very rapidly and was dubbed into many languages, and was acquired by Netflix in 2018. The plot of the series is unique and very intriguing.

Money Heist Season 6 Release Date?

Money Heist ended with season 5 in December 2021. However, fans all over the world are waiting for Money Heist Season 6. Unfortunately, Netflix has recently said that there will be no season 6 of Money Heist.

But there is good news for the fans. Though there will be no season six of Money Heist, Netflix is working on a similar series based on the character – Berlin.

The story of the show will follow Berlin and shed light on his character development and his former life events. Berlin’s European adventure mixes heists, romance, and humor as he targets a posh Paris auction house. His love affair with the owner’s wife adds an unexpected twist. So it will be very much interesting to watch the show.


Is Money Heist Season 6 coming?

No, there will be no season six of Money Heist according to Netflix. So you are advised to stay away from such rumors.

Is Money Heist Over?

Exactly, Money Heist is over officially. No more seasons or episodes should be expected.

How many seasons does Money Heist have?

Money Heist has 5 seasons and no more seasons should be expected.

Is Money Heist real?

No, Money Heist is a fictional story.


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