Movies Like The Social Network You Can not Miss

The Social Network is an American drama, and history movie released in 2010, it revolves around the history of the famous personality, and founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. But neither Zuckerberg nor his staff has been characters in the movie. It is a famous movie as youngsters and entrepreneurs love the film, and its motivation makes the film more attractive. The film explores the hard work, motivation, and mindset of Zuckerberg. Its box office collection is $224.9, Directed by David Fincher. The movie revolves around the Social Network as its name indicates.

In this article, I am gonna give a list of the TOP 5 movies that I enjoyed. The movies will give you the same vibes as THE SOCIAL NETWORK does.

Joy (2015)

It is a drama, comedy movie that revolves around the divorced woman Joy Mangano (Jennifer Lawrence) who struggles with her life financially as well as familiarly, she works as an air booking agent, Joy has a sister named Carrie, she is an overachiever, she always taunts her about her failed marriage and carrier too. But her friend Jackie always motivates her.

She has an idea about the new model of mop (cleaning device) but has no investment money in her pocket. She finds a woman who is impressed with her idea and gets ready to invest. But there arises a twist in the film, the company gets information that in Hong Kong a man has already invented the same product, company tells the Joy if she wants to protect herself from court she has to pay $50k as a royalty fee. She rejects and starts the marketing product on TV, and she gets a huge response and earns a lot of money, she gets other problems from the manufacturer but at last her sister also helps out. Finally, her dream comes true.

The twists and struggling makes the movie worth watching, it explores the theme of life, how to struggle, and finds a solution in your life.


This is a documentary movie about the famous personality ‘Nikola Tesla’ it revolves around the research of Tesla who wants to revolutionize the electrical system۔He struggles so much to make this dream come true, he finds that his opposition has so much crowd than his supporters.
The movie essentially boosts the hard work of the young generation and true dreamers, it has a great motivational story despite being a biography of a scientist. The movie is worth watching and 70% of Google users who searched about the FIM have liked it.

Elon Musk: The real-life Iron Man

It is an American movie about the famous personality who is the owner of ‘Tesla’, this documentary movie revolves around Elon Musk, who is the backbone of electric transport and hyperloop, and his ideas about artificial intelligence.
You might be surprised as the film is cast by Elon Musk himself, yes you read it right. The movie is worth watching as his ideas have revolutionized the world of electric cars. The movie has earned a lot of love as the hard work of Elon Musk is known to the world, his fans and followers loved and entertained by the movie and you may be too. You can watch the film free on Flex.

Inside Job

A documentary film about the 2008 economic meltdown, when many people became jobless and homeless and turned America into a deep economic crisis. The film explores how the banking facilities and other policies come out of these economical crises.
The film has earned a lot of love as they saw the financial breakdown of the 2000s, the documentary movie explores a lot of how they overcame these crises and has again made the top economy of the world. The film has gained an Academy Award for Best Documentary.
It was released in 2010 and you can watch it on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.

Margin Call

The film was released in 2011, the film revolves around the downfall of the company that led to a great loss. The division head of that financial company has been fired as he was working on the analysis. He struggles a lot but resumes his analysis and finds out the true reason behind the financial downfall.

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