11+ Anime Like Attack On Titan You Must Watch

Attack on Titan has not only gained popularity due to the plot but also because of the cool characters like Levi in it. AOT is one of the most viewed anime. It involves the combat between man-eating titans and common people. How then common people manage to defend themselves and in the meantime suffer a lot of casualties? Below I am going to mention some anime like ATTACK ON TITAN.

Best Anime Like Attack On Titan 

Seraph Of The End

[WP-Coder id=”12″]The setting of Seraph of the end is in apocalyptic world where humanity is at the verge of extinction due to a deadly virus. This virus takes the lives of people at the age of thirteen. Hardly few people survives this deadly virus. In the meantime vampires appears out of the shadows and enslaves the remaining population of the World. Yuichiro Hyakuga, the main character sees his loved one’s becoming the victim of this slavery. He decided to fight against the vampires and joins Moon Demon Company, the secret organisation which fights against the vampires. This anime is worth to watch and has lot of similarities to AOT.


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People on earth living a happy life when suddenly invasion of mysterious parasite happens to earth. This brings turmoil to people. These parasites infiltrates human body by attacking there brain and dwells there, then taking the control of entire human body. Shinichi izumi, the protagonist of the anime also becomes their prey, however inspite of the brain, parasite attack his right hand. They both forms symbiotic relationship. Shinichi calls it Migi. Unlike other parasites Migi works with Shinichi and gives him enormous power, which he ultimately uses against other parasites. Like Eren in AOT gets attacked by a Titan and he ultimately uses that power against other Titans. This anime is full of action and adventure. A must watch for anime lovers.


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Almost every main character in the anime has the tragic past however Guts, the main character of Berserk has way too tragic. He comes out of the womb of a hanging corpse of her mother. Then he faced ample problems to survive. A band called Band Of Hawk led by Griffith raised Guts. Guts then joined their band when he grew. Griffith and Guts shared a strong bond until one terrific event took place, the Eclipse. This time Griffith betrayed Guts and threw him at the verge of death by some help of spiritual and demonic forces. This anime has a lot common to AOT and that you will only come to know once you watch it. So hurry up ans go for it.


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Not all fathers are same. In Dororo anime, Hyakkimaru is the main character and his father sells his limbs and organs to demons in order to gain prosperity and demonic power. This left Hyakkimaru nearly devoid of human body. With time,Hyakkimaru grew and used prosthetic limbs, also he had some supernatural abilities . In AOT and Dororo revenge is the recurring theme. In Dororo Hyakkimaru pursues demons who took his body parts and in AOT Eren chases Titans. In this journey of reclamation, Hyakkimaru meets a young theif namely Dororo, they both become good friends and together fights against the demons to save the human world.

Devilman Crybaby

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The name of this anime gives some hints towards its plot. Yes , it involves the fight between humans and demon. Like in AOT Titans were attacking on humans and making their lives miserable,in Devilman crybaby, demon does so. Akira Fudo , the main character of the anime merges with a demon namely Amon but maintains his Self consciousness. By doing so he gains enormous demonic power like Eren in AOT merges with on of a Titan and then fights against Titans. Both animes AOT and Devilman crybaby are existential threat to humanity and possess dark and mature themes. So if you are a fan of supernatural abilities, then it is a must watch for you.

God Eater

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The setting of this anime is post apocalyptic world plaqued by monstrous creatures known as Aragami. These monsters are so furious and harmful that , humans were compelled to take shelter in a specific place called strongholds. Like in AOT humans were living between three walls to save themselves from dangerous monsters, sams is the case here. Then main character of anime, Lenki Utsugi joins the elite group namely God Eaters to atack those demons. This group has the special weapon named God arcs to fight against demons. In AOT , Eren and his friend wielded the same special weapon to kill Titans. This anime is fully packed with action and adventure.

Black Bullet

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This anime is set in post apocalyptic world where parasites known as Gastrea has attacked humans and have given rise to an deadly outbreak. To save their lives, humans built fortified cities known as Monoliths, where they can keep Parasites at bay. The main character of this anime , Rentaro satomi who is a civil officer joins civil security corps to attack the parasites. There he got paired with a young initiator girl namely Enju Aihara. Both of them fought together and faced many challenges, however ended up victorious. In AOT Eren Yeager also joins scout regiment and there he is paired with mikasa Ackerman and Armin arlelt to save human world from titans .

Tokyo Ghoul

[WP-Coder id=”19″]The protagonist of this anime gets bitten by a ghoul however he manages to suppress the effect of that bite and gets immense power. The protagonist name is Ken Kaneki, he uses that power against the ghouls to save the human lives. Same thing happens in Attack on Titan, when Eren gets attacked by Titan and takes over Eren but Eren somehow manages and suppress titans character within himself. One of my favourite animes, so a must watch for you.

Demon Slayer

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This anime involves the journey of a main character, Tanjiro Kamado to find the treatment for his sister Nezuko, who was bitten by some demons and was changed into a half demon. During this journey Tanjiro meets a lot of other fighters and Tanjiro ultimately joins demon slayer corps to slay demons. His sister eventually recovers and also gets demonic power. She uses that power to help Tanjiro to complete his mission. This anime has a lot in common to attack on titans and is an absolute treat to watch.

Jujutsu Kaisen

[WP-Coder id=”22″]Jujutsu Kaisen involves the fight between curse and the sorcerers . The Curse are spreading terror into the entire human population and by that a lot of negative energy flows through the common humans, which in hard to control for them. So sorcerers fights against them and saves the world. Yuji Itadori , the main character of the anime gets merged with Sukuna, the strongest curse ever know. Yuji somehow controls him for time being and uses his power against the other curses.

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