13+ Anime Like Horimiya You Should Watch Now

Horimiya is one of the best romantic animes of recent times. Horimiya is a very short anime and an average anime Lover can watch it in just three days. The best part of this anime is that its season 2 is coming but still the ending of season 1 is so genuine and conclusive, that it looks like a complete anime. If you are a romantic person and like to watch romantic animes then this one is one of the best animes I have ever watched. Below I will mention some animes like Horimiya.



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Most of the plot of this anime is set in a School. Ryuuji Takasu, the protagonist of this anime has a crush on the best of Taiga Aisaka, Taiga is Petite but furious girl and because of that she is nicknamed as Palmtop Tiger. Ryuuji appears scary however he is a kind hearted and domestic type boy. He can cook and clean very well. On the other hand Taiga Aisaka also appears furious but deep inside she too is facing a lot of financial problems. Taiga too has a crush on the Ryuuji best friend. They both decides to help each other out in this matter. With the passage of time Ryuuji and Taiga spent a lot of time together and formed a strong bond between each other. They both started to love each other. This anime has lot similarities with Horimiya. A must watch for you if you liked Horimiya.


Blue Spring Ride

[WP-Coder id=”24″] Futaba Yoshioka, who had a crush on Koh Mabuchi in middle school, however they both got separated from each other due to some circumstances. Futaba Yoshioka now moves to high school and she is all prepared to forget her past. Futaba is ready to leave her shy nature and make many friends in high school. With his entrance in high school, there she saw the boy, she had crush on during middle school, Koh Mabuchi. However Koh has changed his name and is no more like he used to be. He is now all alone and very different Person. Futaba Yoshioka still tries to approach him and to create bond with him however fails. This anime is a very interesting and suspenseful anime. I don’t recommend it that much but it won’t waste your time.

Honey and Clover

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The story of an art college where lots of students are studying art. Takemoto Yuta, Hanamoto Hagumi, Morita Shinobu. These three sophomores are way too unique. Takemoto often feels lost and unsure about his future but is a kind hearted person. Hanamoto Hagumi is an exceptionally talented girl. Hanamoto is a shy girl and very beautiful, she is the centre of attention for many boys in college. Now comes my favourite character, Morita Shinobu, a free-spirit and eccentric artist, who often takes a break from his college. Where he goes no one knows. Morito is a genius student but is carefree which makes him enigmatic to others. I don’t recommend to watch this but if you like college stories then go for it.

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War

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This anime is one of my favourite animes in romantic genre. The plot of this anime revolves between two high achieving students of the Shuchiin academy, Kaguya shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane. Both of these students are intellectual, good looking and from a very elite background. Miyuki and Kaguya both loves each other but none of them confesses their feelings to each other. They believe that one who confesses their love is the loser in this love battle. They always try to play mind games in order to listen confession from one another but no one comfesses. This anime is way too good than many romantic animes. It is even equivalent to Horimiya. If you are romantic type person and at the same time introvert than this anime befits you. It is so addictive that you would want to watch it many times. So hurry up and go for it.

Say I Love You

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When it comes to the romantic animes, say I Love You always comes up in my mind. This anime is not that good like Horimiya or kaguya Sama however, it has its own taste and thrill. Mei Tachibana , a high school girl who loves to remain in solitude because of her past reasons. She also restrains herself to make new friends for the same reasons. However one day she accidentally injures the most popular and charming boy at her school namely Yamato Kurosawa. Yamato took interest in her and pursues her. Mei Tachibana first didn’t show any interest in Yamato but with certain time she shared a bond of friendship with him . They both went in a romantic relationship. Yamato changed Mei Tachibana’s life and opened a new for her. He helps Mei to overcome her emotional barrier. This anime explores the themes of self-esteem and trust.

Golden Time

[WP-Coder id=”28″] Not one of the best anime to watch but if you have liking towards college life than it is a must watch for you. This anime revolves around the main character Tada Banri, who has lost his memory due to some accident. He has forgotten everything about his past and now the life seems way too tough for him. Tachibana Linda, who seems to know something about Tada Banri’s past. Both decided to meet up together. So this should do for you because if keep continue with this ,it may act as a spoiler. I won’t recommend you to watch this anime however you will definitely learn a lot by watching this anime.

Lovely Complex

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Looking for an anime which is full of comedy, morals and romance then Lovely Complex is an exceptional choice for that. Risa Koizumi a high school student with exceptional tall height , on the other hand Atsushi Otani with a very short height. Both of these students feels insecure and self conscious about their appearance. All the students of school calls them All Hanshin- Kyojin (Famous comedy duo). Both of these characters somehow becomes friends and with the passage of time , they form a strong bond which turns into a romantic relationship. A treat to eyes for the high schools students, this anime will provide you a lot of life lessons and entertainment.

From Me To You

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Appearances proves deceptive. This quote is well proven in this anime. Sawako Kuronuma, a high school student who always gets taunted by her classmates due to resemble looks to a scary character namely Sadako. All her classmates call her ill omen and never makes friendship with her, however Sawako in reality is a very kind hearted and loving girl, but no one is ready to accept her how she is until the most handsome and famous boy of school named Shota Kazehaya starts to talk with her. Shota and Sawako eventually becomes friends and ultimately everyone started to like her and shared bond with her. Shota and Sawako gradually spent more time together which leads to the formation of their romantic relationship. If you are a believer of inner self and realism , then you should go for this anime.

His and Her Circumstances

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This anime is known for humour and insightful exploration of teenage emotions and relationships. Yukino Miyazawa and Soichiro Arima. These two students are well minded and high achieving students. However no one knows Yukino’s true self, that is all he wants is praise and compliments from others. On the other hand, Soichiro may appear cool and calm but she has a very traumatic past which disturbs her every time. When both of these comes to know each others true self, they comes closer to each other and forms a romantic bond. I won’t suggest this anime tk watch how if you have enough time and wants to experience some entertainment and thrill then go for this anime.

My Love Story

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Unlike other animes, the protagonist here is not handsome and cool but a high school student with muscular physique, who is intimidated by everyone around. Deep down the protagonist namely Takeo Gouda has golden heart and selflessness nature. One day Takeo saves his fellow mate Rinko in a train and this heroic acts makes Takeo makes Rinko fall for him. They both grew a romantic relationship and also other students who initially did not show any interest in Taeko, start liking him. Very few of the animes I won’t recommend you to watch however if you want to, choice is all yours.

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