Why is Kakashi always late? secret Revealed!

Shinobi are meant to follow rules strictly. Being a full-fledged shinobi, it is quite surprising that Kakashi is always late, be it training sessions or any mission.

There is a valid and interesting reason behind Kakashi’s late appearance. During his early days, Kakashi and his teammates used to go for training. Obito was always late in the training and on this, Kakashi used to scold and taunt him.

Obito always comes with an excuse for being late. He used to say that “I was helping an old lady to cross the road or I was helping a senior citizen with some work“. These were the reasons, why Obito used to be late and these are also shown in anime.

So when Obito died, Kakashi gave homage to Obito by helping others. He also visited Obito’s grave. That was the reason why he always showed up late.

Another thing is that Kakashi faced a lot of trauma in his life and for that reason, he always remained alienated and silent. But Master Jiraiya told him” Talking to others builds bonds and makes you feel grateful, that you are alive. That is the kind of creatures we humans are”.
Kakashi followed this advice to some extent and used to indulge in conversation with others. So he was not able to make it on time. Kakashi often indulged in reading romantic books like Makeout Tactics, which prevented him from making it on time to his assigned duties.


Kakashi’s being late shows him imprecise towards shinobi rules. However, by delving into the reason behind his late appearance, he becomes a hero. Helping others and visiting his friend’s grave are quite virtuous things.

Whose grave does Kakashi often visit?

Kakashi always visited Obito’s grave.

What are the reasons why Kakashi is always late?

There are certain reasons behind that, such as helping others, visiting Obito’s grave, and reading his favorite book, “Make Out Tactics.”

Except for Kakashi, who else in the anime was a latecomer?

Except for Kakashi, Obito Uchiha was a latecomer. Even before Kakashi, he always showed up late.

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