How did Kakashi get his Sharingan?

It was Obito Uchiha who gave his Sharingan to Kakashi. As the Sharingan is inherited only by the Uchiha clan members, there was no chance for Kakashi to have it by birth as he was from the Hatake clan.

During the third great Ninja War, Rin Nohara, one of the teammates of Obito and Kakashi, was badly attacked by Iwagakure at Kannabi Bridge. So Kakashi and Obito were sent to rescue her.

Upon reaching the place, both Obito and Kakashi fought their enemies with all their might. During the fight, Kakashi tried to save Obito from the attack, and his left eye got slashed. He was now unable to see by this eye. On the other hand, Obito Uchiha was crushed under huge rocks, and his half side of the body was completely damaged. “At the very time, Obito Uchiha gave his left eye to Kakashi Hatake to repay him and also as a gift on Kakashi’s promotion to Jonin”.

This was one of the emotional scenes of the anime, as Obito Uchiha was the friend of Kakashi.

Conclusion – How did Kakashi get his Sharingan

Kakashi didn’t get his Sharingan from any scientific Labs or he didn’t steal it from anyone. As he was from the Nonuchiha clan, there was no chance of him bearing it since his birth. It was Obito Uchiha who gifted it to Kakashi as a gift on his promotion to Jonin.


Was Kakashi an Uchiha?

No, Kakashi was not an Uchiha; he was from the Hatake clan.

Did Obito Uchiha die during the Kannabi Bridge incident?

No, Obito didn’t die during the Kannabi Bridge incident. However, he got badly injured and was on the verge of death, but Madara Uchiha saved him.

Why is the Sharingan so special?

The Sharingan is very special as it allows a user to copy any moves within an instant. It also helps a wielder to create quick reflexes.

Which eye is Kakashi’s Sharingan in?

Kakashi has his Sharingan in his left eye.

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