Why did Naruto marry Hinata?

Naruto marries Hinata out of love. In their marriage, there was no force or veneering from either of the sides. Hinata, not only Loved Naruto when he achieved fame and got acknowledged by all. She loved him way before that. Hinata Hyuga was the only character other than Iruka sensei who truly loved Naruto from the very beginning.

Many incidents in the anime proves Hinata’s sheer love for Naruto.

In childhood when Naruto was bullied by everyone and was not given company by others, he used to go and cry in solitary. Hinata was always following him and seeing Naruto in pain, hurts Hinata a lot.

Other times, she used to follow him in the training sessions, where Naruto was working very hard to become strong. She even gave him food once and it made Naruto puzzled.

When Naruto came back after the training sessions with master Jiraiya. Hinata was hiding there behind the walls, and seeing Naruto made her blush and happy. They both even collide in the anime and Hinata runs away from the place.

During the pain arc when Naruto was badly injured by Pain, Hinata was the only one who tried to protect Naruto. Despite knowing that she is no match for pain, she jumps to save Naruto out of her love.

Many other incidents in the anime show Hinata’s love for Naruto. Towards the end, in the Great Fourth Ninja War, Naruto’s feeling also grows for Hinata.

So in the end, they both marry each other out of love. They both had two children, Boruto Uzumaki and Himawari Uzumaki.

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