Why did Naruto cut his hair?

Wondering what is the secret behind Naruto cutting his hair? Let us dig into it.

There is no certain reason behind Naruto’s strange and short haircut. Earlier in the anime Naruto’s hairstyle was long and quit like his father, Minato Namikaze. However, after his appearance in the Boruto anime, his haircut is short ,which is creates a lott of fuss among Naruto fans.

One of the prime reasons behind Naruto’s short haircut is that animators would have found it easier to draw Naruto that way. Not only Naruto, animators changed the haircut of many other characters like shino , Gaara etc. Another thing, His short haircut could also symbolize his aging. As with age, most people tend to go with short haircut,as our society goes with this unauthentic belief that short haircut shows decency.

His dedication to his Village and Hokage’s work gave him less time to take care of his hair, so he decided to cut it short. Many theories suggest that Naruto’s haircut was made short to show him more responsible and mature, however, that is not the true case. As people with long hair are also mature and responsible like Kakashi Hatake or Fugaku or master Jiraiya.

No doubt Naruto’s short haircut made him very ugly to a lot of fans. However, many fans like him in the same way as he is right now. So it all depends on one’s own Perception.

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