Why did Itachi Uchiha killed his clan? Everything Revealed!

Itachi Uchiha is accepted as one of the most famous characters in the entire anime world, not only in Naruto Shippuden. At the age of 11, Itachi became the captain of Black anbu cops, a prestigious and elite force in Naruto anime. and at the age of thirteen Itachi slaughtered his entire clan to stop the war between the Leaf Village and Uchiha clan.

For the Uchiha clan, Itachi was their spy on leaf village but Itachi was the type of guy who would always give preference to his village over his clan or anything. So itachi was spying on the Uchiha clan rather than on the Village. That is the reason why sometimes he was referred to as a double agent.

Itachi was the one who told Danzo, one of the prestigious people of Leaf Village and also head of black Anbu cops, that the Uchiha clan was going to start a “Coup” against the village. Danzo told him that to prevent this, bloodshed had to take place.

Itachi went to wipe out his entire clan and did it smoothly just at the age of thirteen. In the end, when he is about to kill his parents, his hand tremors and his father, Fugaku Uchiha tells him” I am proud of you my son, compares to yours, our pain will end in an instant, just promise me one thing that you will take care of Sasuke”. I promise says Itachi and kills his both parents.

Itachi didn’t kill his parents or clan out of hatred or any vengeance. He only killed them to stop the killing of a huge number of people. That is the way, Itachi was.

After that, Itachi joined the terrorist organization Akatsuki. Most fans called Akatsuki, a group of broken heroes, and up to some true extent.

Itachi is the coolest character in the entire Naruto verse. Itachi is also considered one of the strongest characters in Naruto’s verse as he possesses many abilities like Izanami, Izanagi, Amaterasu, and many others. Even one of the legendary sanin named Lord Orochimaru was unable to restrain Itachi when he tried.

With age, Sasuke starts hating Itachi without knowing the entire story. Sasuke grew so strong that he became one of the strongest characters, may be second after Naruto himself. Itachi finally gets killed by Sasuke, but before getting killed by Sasuke, Itachi saved the whole shinobi world by stopping Kabuto from using further “Edo Tensei”. Itachi also transferred his power to Sasuke and died happily as it was his wish to get rid of his burden and get killed at the hands of his brother Sasuke.


Toward the end of the anime, it is revealed that Itachi didn’t kill his clan just because he wanted it. All the people started loving Itachi for his sacrifice and patience. It was the Itachi who let Sasuke live and compelled him to become stronger.

The sixth Hokage “kakashi hatake” removes the name of Itachi from the list of Bingo Book.


Itachi, who during the start of anime was considered as cold blooded murderer was loved by all viewers towards the end of anime. Itachi proved that how sometimes self sacrifice can lead to a mass benefit. It aslo shows that how some disgusting people like Danzo uses skilled and talented people like Itachi and makes their lives hell.

How old was Itachi when he killed his clan?

Itachi Uchiha was 13 years old during the massacre.

Who killed Itachi?

His own brother, Sasuke Uchiha, killed him. To be exact, Itachi allowed Sasuke to kill him.

What disease did Itachi have?

Itachi had a psychosomatic illness. He also had a severe illness named “microscopic polyangiitis,” also called MPA, which weakened his entire body.

Was Itachi a villain?

This is a tough question, but as per the anime, he was considered a villain. However, viewers often consider him a hero, just as they do with Naruto, as Itachi sacrificed his clan for a greater good.

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