When does Pain fight Naruto?

Naruto fights Pain in episode 163, Explosion Sage Mode, and this fight between Pain and Naruto lasted for six episodes, from 163 to 169. This fight happened when Pain and his companions attacked Village Hidden In The Leaves. During the attack, many died like Kakashi Hatake, Choji, and many other people.

The list of episodes that involve the fight between Pain and Naruto is given below:

  • Ep 163: Explode sage mode
  • Ep 144: Danger – sage mode limit reached.
  • Ep 145: Nine tails captured
  • Ep 166: Confession
  • Ep167: Planetary Devastation
  • Ep168: The Fourth Hokage
  • Ep169: The two students.

When Pain attacked village hidden in the leaves, Naruto was training with Master Jiraiya. Naruto knew that pain would be coming after him, so he prepared beforehand and learned sage jutsu. When pain almost destroyed most of the village, Naruto appeared with his summoning animal. He smashed the head of one of the six Pains and saved Ladu Tsunade.

All were shocked by his heroic entry, as there were markings near his eyes due to sage mode. Whilst fighting six Pains all with himself, his sage mode reached its limits and he fell on the ground. Hinata comes to save Naruto but gets badly injured by Pain. Naruto becomes ferocious by this and loses control of the chakra of Nine-tailed foxes. One of the pains who can absorb Chakra, almost absorbed nine tails chakra. In the meantime, Naruto’s shadow clone was ready with the sage mode and he got control over his body and chakra.

After that pain used his Major Jutsu, Planetary Devastation. He destroyed everything in its range. Naruto at the end used his main and newly learned jutsu, Rasen Shuriken. This jutsu helped him to defeat pain and he emerged as Victorious.

However, the main controller of pain, Nagato was hidden in the tree. Naruto reached there and used his motivational speech on Nagato. In the end, Naruto convinced Nagato that whatever he was doing was not right.

Nagato in the end used a technique called Rinne Tensei, with the help of Rinnegan. With Rinne Tensei, he revived all those, who got killed during the attack including Kakashi Hatake. However, Rinne Tensei costs his death.

Pain Arc is one of the most loved arcs across all animes.

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