5 Anime Like “REDO OF HEALER”

First, let’s take a glimpse of “REDO OF THE HEALER.” The anime was released on January 13, 2021. The first season consists of 12 episodes, falling into the genre of DARK FANTASY.

The main character of the anime is KEYARU. KEYARU is a HEALING magician who faces sexual harassment and taunts due to his healing magic. Despite being a boy, he is molested by many men. KEYARU is fed up with all this and decides to take revenge on those who have molested him. However, KEYARU is so weakened by all the molestation done to him that he is unable to fight them in his current situation. Keyaru gets to know that his class of HEALING magic is the strongest. With the help of the PHILOSOPHER STONE, he goes four years back in the past. There he avenges his oppression. He sexually molests a girl and erases her memory later on. Ahead in the REDO OF HEALER, she calls KEYARU as a brother.


The series has remained in the top 10 rankings for a long time, indicating wider adaptability. However, most anime fans have not liked this anime. The animation of this anime is good, but the way its PLOT has been structured has created a lot of discussion among anime fans. REDO of HEALER has much SEXUAL content, which is the reason why fans didn’t approve of it as a good anime. It is more like a HENTAI. For a new anime watcher, REDO OF HEALER would leave a bad impression on all anime. It can also adversely affect the minds of the young generation.



“High School DXD” is the type of anime that includes themes of the supernatural, HAREM, and action. ISSEI, the main character of High School DXD, is a perverted type. All along the day, he wants to squeeze the boobs. He wants to date as many girls as he can. Once he dated a girl named YUUMA AMANO. It turned out that Yuuma was a fallen angel, and she killed ISSEI. After some time, ISSEI is revived by another angel named RIAS GREMORY. ISSEI becomes a human with demonic powers, and he avenges his death.


Total episodes: 26

Release date: 03/04/2008

Where to watch: HULU

IMDB: 6.4

The protagonist of this anime is RITO YUKI. RITO was once bathing in his bathtub at home. Out of nowhere, a beautiful girl appears naked before him. The girl was a princess named LALA DEVILUKE. She has escaped the hands of her father because he wanted her daughter to marry a chap. LALA was not interested in the chosen fellow of his father. Upon seeing RITO, LALA decides to marry her. However, to marry LALA, RITO has to fight the chosen fellow and defeat him.


Total Episodes: 46 Release Date: 06/04/2023 Where to watch: Cruncyroll

The human world gets attacked by spirits. The main character of the anime, SHIDO ITSUKA learns that he possesses an ability called SPIRIT PALS. SPIRIT PALS allows SHIDO to steal the power of spirits by making them fall in love with him. He was hired by a company known as RATATOSKR. SHIDO’S job is to date female spirits and steal their powers. SHIDO faces a tough time while dating spirits like TOHKA TOKISAKI, but ultimately, he has the upper hand and wins. An anime worth watching. Even better than the redo of a healer.


Total episodes: 22 Release date: 05/10/2011 Where to watch: PRIME VIDEO IMDB: 6.8

“MAKEN-KI” anime touches on the themes of harem, action, and supernatural. The story is set in a high school where students fight each other to hone their combat school. TAKERU OOYAMA, the main character of the anime, joins this school. On the very first day, he befriended many female mates and dated them. They all were way too beautiful. Every student of this school has a special weapon known as MAKEN. Upon joining the school, TAKERU learned a lot of combat skills. His romantic life also got multiplied by dating different beautiful girls.


Total episodes: 12 Release date: 02/04/2010 Where to watch: PRIME VIDEO IMDB: 6.6

“DEMON KING DAIMAO” involves the genres of action, comedy, and harem. AKUTO SAI, the main character of the anime joins a magic academy, to be a priest and serve society. However, for that, he has to crack an entrance. Upon appearing at the entrance, he qualified for the DEMON KING. Despite his resistance not to be the demon king, he becomes one. In the academy, he is surrounded by a lot of beautiful girls. AKUTO SAI was not liked by many, but finally, he befriended one of the descendants of the demon hunters namely JUMKO HATTORI. One of the best animes, you can’t afford to miss.

Does KEYARU sexually assault his sister in REDO OF HEALER?

No, KEYARU didn’t sexually assault his sister. He did assault a girl sexually and then erases her memory. That girl later on calls him brother.

Is REDO OF HEALER a controversial anime?

Yes, REDO OF HEALER is a controversial anime due to its explicit content.

Who is the main character in REDO OF HEALER?

KEYARU is the main character in REDO OF HEALER.

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