Death Note: Who is smart L or Light?

Light Yagami, a famous fictional character in the Death Note series, was a genius high school student who discovered the Death Note, a powerful book that kills humans by writing their names on its pages. Light, the main character in the series, earned the moniker “Kira” for his actions of eliminating criminals and enemies using the Death Note.

L Lawliet, a highly esteemed detective, headed the Anti-Kira squad with the mission to arrest Light. Despite his honesty and genius, L met his demise when Light wrote his name in the Death Note. The question of who is smarter between Light and L is not straightforward.

L demonstrated his prowess as a detective by locating Light, but Light’s genius allowed him to elude the truth, even within the Anti-Kira squad. Light successfully manipulated L and ultimately emerged victorious in their battle. He not only eliminated his enemies but also assumed leadership of the Task Force, exerting control over the Japanese police.

As for the possibility of Light killing Ryuk, it is impossible to kill a Shinigami by writing their name in the Death Note. Light never contemplated this, as the only known method to kill a Shinigami is by compelling them to save another person. Writing a Shinigami’s name in the Death Note won’t cause any harm, as their duty is to take lives, not to save them.

Ryuk’s feelings toward Light are indifferent. While Ryuk found Light interesting and entertaining, he did not care about Light’s life or death. Ryuk chose Light as a source of amusement, and his connection with Light was more about curiosity and observation than genuine concern.

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