The Amazing Race Season 35: Shocking Eliminations, Unbelievable Prize You Won’t Believe!

The Amazing Race History

The Amazing Race is an American reality competition show that has been first started on September 5, 2001 and has created 34 seasons till now and the 35th season is casting in 2023, the production of the season 35 has been started on February 21, 2023, and has been streaming from 27 September,2023.

Each season has to be separated into legs, each leg has to reach the clues, navigate in foreign areas, interact with local people, perform physical and mental challenges and they have travel airplanes, taxis, boats, and other public transport options in the different regions of the world. However, they can travel only on the limited budget provided by the show.

The Amazing Race Season 35 Winning Prize

As the team has been split into legs, several teams got eliminated during the race while the team reaching the final leg will get the winning prize of $1 million. The 35th season has been named as The Amazing Race 35, you will know everything about the 35th season.

The Amazing Race 35

The Amazing Race 35

Presented by Phil Keoghan
No of teams 13
Country of Origin United States
Total distance travelled 23,800 miles (till 16th Nov.)
Episodes 10th is streaming (16th Nov.)
Seasons 35 (35th is streaming)
Winning prize $1 million
IMDb Rating 7.8
Original Network CBS

The 35th season has been streaming since 27th Sep, 2023, and is streaming now on Amazon Prime (India), the teams have reached the following locations till now, Thailand, Vietnam, Germany, India, and Slovenia. There are 7 teams eliminated now and the remaining 6 teams are participating now. The team has a chance to bypass the leg.

There are 2 participants in each team and most of the team members are siblings, best friends, Father and daughter, brothers, and engaged couples. The filming started from 13 June 2023 to July 8, 2023. The show has gained dense fans all over the world, it has a huge fan base and people want to participate in this show.

The Amazing Race Season 35 Eliminated Teams

Team Eliminated Individual Location
Alexandra Lichtor Sheridan Lichtor Thailand
Elizabeth Rivera Iliana Rivera Thailand
Jocelyn Chao Victor Limary Vietnam
Joe Moskowitz I Ian Todd India
Liam Hykel Yeremi Hykel India
Andrea Simpson Malaina Hatcher Germany
Morgan Franklin Lena Franklin Slovenia

The Amazing Race Season 35 Participating Teams

  1. Todd Martin
    Ashlie Martin
  2. Greg Franklin
    John Franklin
  3. Joel Strasser
    Garret smith
  4. Rob McArthur
    Corey McArthur
  5. Robbin Tomich
    Chelsea Day
  6. Steve Cargile
    Anna Leigh Wilson

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