AOT Manga Ending vs Anime Ending (Explained)

Is ATTACK ON TITAN Anime’s Ending Different From Manga?

This ending of AOT resumes the attack from the new allied forces between Armin and the group with the Marleyans.

The motto of the said operation is to stop the rumbling and save Eren as Mikasa and Armin wished. As the show continued with its usual mesmerizing animations thanks to MAPPA Studio and the BGM the group jumped from the Airbus on the dorsal of EREN who is in Titan form. They aimed to separate the body of Eren from the humongous Titan body but they were intercepted by the Founder, Ymir. As Eren moves forward to eliminate humanity, Ymir provides resistance to the attacking Forces (Armin, Reiner, Mikasa, LEVI, and the group).

The allies with Levi being heavily injured suffered a great deal at the hands of Ymir. As they were pushed back towards the corner by the Founder and with no choice left Armin decided to go K-boom by transforming into the colossal titan which was not supported by Mikasa at first at least by her gesture. Just a second after he was swallowed by the Okapi lookalike titan UNINJURED.

Ymir went berserk on them and they all were about to get killed except Mikasa who didn’t know what to do except wail suddenly Falcon appeared with ANNIE (Female Titan) and Gabi on their back and he saved them for a time being and they all regrouped except Armin still in inside Okapi.

The team realized they couldn’t go easy on Eren or they would get killed. So, Levi decided to kill Eren for real and separated the team into two groups. One was to go for nape and the other was to rescue Armin. Armin on the other hand convinced Zeke as he entered Path and Zeke showed himself in front of Levi. As expected Levi took out his head and all Colossal’s stopped.

The group (Pieck and Jean) went for nape blasted that part and severed the Titan’s head. The shiny insect tried to connect with the head but was stopped by Reiner (Armored).

Somehow Eren managed to get back on their feet and Mikasa chose to go for the kill which was highly anticipated by the AOT fans but still was the most emotional part of the entire episode after the ‘See you later, Eren’ part.
Eren (Though not enough) gave closure to Armin and Mikasa by talking to them via the Path.

Some things to ponder:

  1. Eren wiped out 80% of humanity
  2. Eren was the one who planned all of it from the very beginning.
  3. It was Mikasa all along and not Eren whom the Founder, Ymir sought after. As she sees herself in her.
  4. Eren wanted to be the common enemy of the whole world.

To summarise AOT, I would say from the philosophical perspective that no matter what, humanity will find excuses to fight. As we saw in the outro with just 20% of humanity left it didn’t take them long to fight among themselves again in just a mere decade.
This series is considered to be the peak fiction by the otakus all over the world thanks to the PLOT, CHARACTERS, Animation, MUSIC, FORESHADOWING, etc.

P.S. – Y’ll should thank God for being born in the same era in which this masterpiece was animated and thanks to the goat HAJIME ISAYAMA – SENSEI.


The ending of anime is mostly filled with action but towards the end main reason for that is routed and everything stops. But as shown in the outro, people still fight with each other. It can be derived from this, that humans can never live in harmony due to reasons like greed, jealousy, power, etc.

Ending of the Attack on Titan Manga

The anime made some significant changes for the better and released with the extra content that the manga didn’t. At first the manga ended just like that at that Mikasa bird scene with no follow up. Imagine that, the final chapter was literally missing its core message, it was obvious people weren’t satisfied with that.

It also helps that the anime had an incredible production value elevating these scenes like the crowd holding the baby up scene, whereas in the manga some of these scenes just fell flat.

It came down to the fact that in the manga, there was a lot of ambiguity in the end, and it was left very open. Not for more installments necessarily, but the message wasn’t as in your face and you had to kind of glean what Isayama was trying to portray. In the anime, they explained it like we were five basically and gave people such a direct ending, that there is no way to miss the message unless you actively try to.

People will cite production values and lack of effort in the manga cutting off at the end and excluding certain things etc. But at the end of the day, what it just boils down to that I have yet to see anyone just own up to, is that they explained everything to us like we were 5 in the anime, and in the manga, it required a little more effort to put the message together.

In the manga, Armin says to his friend, Eren, “You are a murderer and have killed Tons of people but in anime, Armin says to him that we both are equal in what we have done and we both will pay for it, in hell.


Does the main character Eren die at the end?

Yes, the main character, Eren Yeager, is killed by his own comrade, Mikasa Ackerman, to prevent further destruction.

Is the manga ending and anime ending the same?

The manga and anime ending of Attack on Titan (AOT) are almost similar, but there are certain differences as mentioned above.

Is Manga or Anime of Attack on Titan best?

Both the manga and anime are good, but the anime provides more thrill and taste, so the anime is the best choice.

Who does Mikasa marry at the end?

Mikasa marries Jean at the end, as shown in the outro.

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